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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

UPDATE: 2011 Advanced Training: Flowers and Landscapes

Here is a quick update regarding the upcoming advanced training for MGVS.

I'm opting for select Saturday mornings this spring and summer, actual dates yet to be determined.  Remember that survey I sent out a few months ago? I was surprised at the number of individuals selecting Saturday mornings as an OK time for class.  I used to do MGV training on Saturdays before but those classes were all-day classes.  Won't do all-day classes again.  However, I'd rather get up early for a Saturday than spend one more late night driving home from class.

I'm in the process of selecting speakers and topics.  E-mail requests have been sent to UW-Extension colleagues and Sharon Morrisey, Milwaukee Co. UWEX, has confirmed for a landscape design class on April 9.  Chrissy Regester, Walworth County UWEX, has proposed a Horticulture Math class-- that'll be different!

I meet Friday with one of our campus IT support people, Molly, to explore online learning modules.  I'm not sure if I'll incorporate that into this training or not.  I do know many people have different learning styles or can't make it to classes.  Another option for our members needs to be explored.  Plus, as many of you know, I geek out over computers.

I've also received some great ideas for others things to do in class.  I'm having a hard time trying to fit it all in and probably won't.  I guess that'll give me fodder for future classes.

And I still want to do a field trip!  I know RBG is planning a few trips this year to gardens in the Illinois area.  I don't know if we want or need to do another trip.  Perhaps we can piggy back on that?  Or do we want to do our own thing?  Thoughts?

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