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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Coming at you from an undisclosed location in southern Wisconsin

I am not in hiding.
Nor am I hibernating.
The departure from Rotary Botanical Gardens to full time UWEX has returned to me a much needed and missed "planning season".  Before I dashed from one event to the next, with program after program rolling into one another.  I now have some weeks I can devote for reflecting on my work in 2010 and plan events for 2011.  Here are a few things in the works.

  • April 2: Plant Propagation Workshop. Class is full.  I have 20 MGVs from all over the state signed up for the daylong workshop. More information.
  • April 8: Landscape Professional Stateline Conference.  In cooperation with Walworth County UWEX and our University of Illinois-Extension colleagues across the Cheese-Curtain we are hosting an event for professionals in the area.  MGVs are invited to attend.  More information.
  • March-June: Landscape Design.  A number of you are already signed up for our new offering of advanced training.  More information.
  • Planning for General Training is well underway.  At this moment I am waiting on a schedule confirmation from UW-Rock County, where we'll have the class starting in September.  More information.
  • Colleagues in the office have deemed me the "superintendent" of the community garden at the Rock County Farm.  Applications are coming in for the rental plots with plots assigned in early March. More information.
  • I'm also working on an assessment system to evaluate the pre-vocational skills of the participants in our jail garden program.  A couple of my horticulture colleagues also work with HUBER.  We want an evaluation system we can all use in order to replicate our work.  
  • Three days of Garden Expo have come and gone.  I did 4 talks during that period.  I'm now talking with our evaluation specialists on how we can best report our contacts made during that time.
  • I also am continuing work with the state MGV program on the development of online materials for MGV training.
  • Last week taught HT to MATC.  That was a great experience!  My HT work continues in conjunction with RBG and with UWEX colleagues as we look to expand our training in the topic.
  • And, throughout the spring and summer, I'll be guest teaching for other MGV programs in the state.
That's what comes to my mind right now, though I know there are some mundane things I'm doing you have no interest in.  Drop me an e-mail if you have questions or need to chat.  I'm still easily enticed my coffee.

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