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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The 2013 All State MGV Conference

For a number of years, members of the Rock Prairie Association have discussed the possibilities of hosting the 2013 All State MGV Conference.  Hosting this event is a badge of honor to any association as it is a demonstration of successful teamwork, organization, and communication among the members.  This conference can attract up to 600 MGVs from around the state and requires much time and effort from the host association to get the pieces in place.

With other conferences, multiple counties have come together to create the critical mass of people required to mobilize this event.  

The Rock Prairie Association consists of over 150 members-- this is larger than several other associations combined!  We have the people to pull off this event ourselves.

Erika Rebout has agreed to be the captain of the 2013 Conference Team.  She and I will work to clearly define the commitment, the goals, and the duration of the projects.  In the upcoming weeks and months she will contact individuals in our association for help.    We know everyone is already busy but we will need everyone in the association to do a small part so this event can be successful.

Our association is in the initial stages of submitting the paperwork for our "bid" to host.  At this time we require a date and location to submit as part of our bid.  A team of 4-6 individuals is needed to work with Erika to 1)Find suitable locations in Rock County for a large conference 2) Determine the availability and the price of each location 3) Find a date that is suitable for the conference and that coordinates with conference center.  4)Complete and submit the paperwork for approval by the State.

I have suggested a few names to Erika on who may be best to help with this particular project.  She will be contacting you in the upcoming weeks.  If this is of interest of you, please contact Erika directly and nominate yourself for this working group.

We will need everyone to pitch in at some point!  Let us find what is the best use of your talent and interests.  And let us show the rest of Wisconsin how to host the best damn MGV conference that has ever been hosted!!!

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  1. I know many of us have been thinking about this for some time. After attending a few conferences we now know what is in store. We have many talented MGV's in our group and I know this conference will be a success. We will not only have conference sessions, but also local tours of what Rock Prairie has to offer. Help is needed at all levels of participation. Thanks for all you do!