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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Kathleen Miller's 'The New Landscape and Garden' wowed all comers

Kathleen Miller packed them in and kept them late with her energetic and enthusiastic revelations about her personal experiences of the joys and "nightmares" of landscaping. The fourth in the Thursday Evening at Rotary Botanical Gardens series of lectures, her topic touched many. As I looked around the audience during her presentation I saw rapt faces, and nodding heads, silent recognition of their own experiences in similar circumstances.

Her speech was filled with the kind of "what the heck happened here?" questions that have perhaps occurred to many of us in our years trying to make the best of our own landscapes.

Kathleen's speech was amusing and amazing. She led us through several years of her own experiences of creating the perfect landscape around her home in the country. She led us through a progressive maze of questions and answers, trials and tribulations, successes and failures.

Perhaps the most enjoyable, and important thing that one could take away from her presentation is that failure is never the end. It's often just the beginning. In fact, it's often what teaches us to succeed.

Bravo, Kathleen for an amusing, entertaining, educational and inspiring presentation. It was wonderful!

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