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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Old World Wisconsin Garden Book Author to Speak in Whitewater

The Whitewater Historical Society invites you to attend a free public talk on Wednesday evening, January 25th 2012, 7PM at the Cravath Lakefront Pavilion, 341 S. Fremont St., in Whitewater to be given by Marcia Carmichael, historical gardener at Old World Wisconsin. Marcia will speak on themes of ethnic gardening in Wisconsin and heirloom plants and garden design based on her recently published book, Putting Down Roots, Gardening Insights from Wisconsin’s Early Settlers (Wisconsin Historical Society Press, 2011). Master Gardeners are encouraged to attend this educational program.
Culture and history can be passed from one generation to the next through the food we eat, the vegetables and fruits we plant and harvest, and the fragrant flowers and herbs that enliven our gardens. The plants our ancestors grew tell stories about their way of life. In her talk, historical gardener Marcia Carmichael will share insights on why the Yankee settlers, German, Norwegian, Irish, Danish, Polish, and Finnish immigrants planted and harvested what they did. She will recount planting trends and practices, popular plant varieties, and favorite flavors of Wisconsin's early settlers. Also on hand will be examples of garden tools used by early settlers, recreated or otherwise acquired for use in the Old World gardening program.


"Putting Down Roots" celebrates the diversity and rich ethnic

settlement of Wisconsin. It's also a story of holding fast to one's traditions and adapting to new ways that nourished one's family so they could flourish in their new surroundings.

Marcia C. Carmichael is the historical gardener at Old World Wisconsin, where she exercises her passion for historical accuracy and enjoys the research as much as the design, creation, and nurturing of the museum's heritage gardens. She supervises and works alongside a dedicated group of historical garden volunteers to create period-appropriate gardens and appreciates all aspects of heirloom plants, from propagation to harvest and from folklore to fact.

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