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Thursday, May 16, 2013

NON-MGV Volunteer Opportunity

On the blog we seldom offer NON-MGV volunteer opportunities, but one came our way we felt  we should offer in case there is anyone among us who would like to work as a personal volunteer for the project.

Julie Hertel, Director at the Janesville Community Day Care Center is looking for a garden volunteer to rototill the Center's 180 square foot garden, and to subsequently help maintain the garden by weeding on a weekly basis.

This is the third year the Center is working the Farm-to-Preschool program in conjunction with the UWEX.  Each classroom incorporates garden curriculum into their weekly lesson plans so their students can have the opportunity to learn about gardening and nutrition.  The staff has realized that weeding is too difficult and time consuming for both staff and students.  Staff would like the students to focus more on the science, math and nutrition aspects of the project.  Therefore they will need help with site prep (rototilling) and maintenance (weeding).

Hertel said she would be grateful for any help anyone could give to this project.

For more information please contact Julie Hertel, Director, Janesville Community Day Care Center, Inc., 3103 Ruger Ave. Janesville, WI 53546.  Call Julie at 608-752-8035.

Please note:  the inclusion of this post was approved by state MGV Director Mike Maddox.  The hours spent assisting with this project would not be usable as MGV hours because they do not meet the criteria for MGVs as outlined in the Level 1 Wisconsin Master Gardener manual and because the JCDCC is a commercial enterprise.  However, anyone who wants to help can certainly donate their personal time to this project without wearing their MGV identification and without including their hours for annual certification.  

If you have any questions about how to determine what volunteer hours are eligible for use for annual certification check your copy of the Level 1 Master Gardener Manual.  If you no longer have your manual there is a copy available for reference at the UWEX office in the courthouse.

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