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Friday, August 7, 2015

Edgerton Hospital Walking Tour educational and delightful

A view across the pond at the rear of the hospital complex across the flower beds and other landscaping all of which has been done by volunteers.  
Thursday evening a group of 10 master gardener volunteers visited the Healing Gardens at Edgerton Hospital.  Master gardener Cindy Leverenz has served as Volunteer Coordinator and led the planting project since the hospital was built and the gardens were just a dream.  Today the grounds are planted with a wide range of perennials, shrubs and trees around a lovely pond stocked with fish and populated with frogs and toads.  A large lighted wooden peg and beam pavilion with picnic tables, a sound system and lighting serves the staff, patients and guests year around.  At present a little over 2 acres is dedicated to the Healing Gardens.  There are two berms planted with prairie plants.  Bird houses dot the berms and striking abstract metal sculptures designed to spin in the breeze add to the beauty of the gardens.  Memorial bricks line one of the paths with messages of love and remembrance.  A walking path splits off from the grounds and into the countryside.  Community gardens grow close by.  

The Edgerton Hospital Healing Gardens sends a strong message of community.  They are open to the public.  Take your family, bring your camera and maybe a picnic lunch.  It's a serene and lovely setting.  A trip worth taking.      

Cindy Leverenz (center) answered questions for the MGV guests.  Christy Marsden, Rock County Horticulture educator, is shown at right.

From left Winifred Massey, Deb Grams, Barb Converse and Cindy Leverenz experience the resilient surface of a round exercise area near the pond. 

Rose Last (front) explains her role as one of the volunteers at the hospital gardens.
For the past two years Cindy (right) and her staff of volunteers has planted hundreds of plants in the hospital gardens.  The beds shown at the right were some of the first to be planted.  

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