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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Good food, good friends at RPMGA potluck

Julie Gibes, UWEX Horticulture Educator Christy Marsden.
Potlucks are often the same old stuff.  Thin little ham sandwiches with gooey cheese, weak coffee and broken glass jello.  Sigh.

Well not for the RPMGA!!

Jerry and Mary Johnson, Sandy Dzubic and her husband.

Madeline and Christina Finley, Mary Thompson and Bev FeltWell, not for the RPMGA!!

This year's dinner was absolutely amazing! Freshly baked whole wheat bread, still warm from the oven and butternut squash soup.  Buffalo chicken.  Apple pie squares with powdered sugar frosting.  Calico baked beans.  Butternut squash with dried cranberries, maple syrup and walnuts. Pineapple carrot cake with buttercream frosting. Dishes of fresh fruits, jars of home-made dill pickles and home-made jam.  An aromatic loaf of herb quick bread.  Orange chiffon jello with mandarin slices. Chocolate bars gently dotted with powdered sugar.  There was pulled pork and chicken for sandwiches with three kinds of buns - potato rolls, slider buns and mini chiabattas.   And only ONE bag of junk food and even then it wasn't very junky.  Christy Marsden brought a bag of really good popcorn as a sort of an appetizer set open in a prominent spot so people could swing by and grab a handful while they worked on setting up.

All in all it was a delicious and satisfying meal.

After dinner Christy announced that the tallies for MGV hours were not complete so she would not be able to present those.  She then decided that instead of a formal power point presentation on events of the previous year that would probably have people snoring in a minute we would try something new. She asked attendees to tell us about what they had been doing over the last year.  It worked out very well.  Even guests who aren't master gardeners joined right in, including our two RECAP helpers.

Barb and Jerome Converse.
Ruth Flescher passed out suggestion forms so that everyone would have a chance to offer their ideas for trips and projects for the coming year.  She'll tally that information in a few days and it'll be posted here on the blog for your consideration, and hopefully for your enjoyment.

Bob and Bev Drew.

All in all it was a very nice evening.  It was good to see so many like-minded friends.  Thanks to all who attended.

Note:  I must apologize for not putting this up sooner.  I had it all done and ready to post but apparently just forgot to push the Publish button so that's why it was late.  Human error.  My apologies.

UPDATE:  Attached is a link to a pdf that has all the results from the suggestion forms that Ruth collected at the dinner.  

Please be patient.  This link may load slowly.

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