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Monday, November 1, 2010

Tree Care Charlatans

One of my favorite blog sites (after Mark's, of course!) is The Garden Professors. I love the Friday quiz, in which they present a plant problem question and let readers noodle it over the weekend, then they give the answer on Monday. It's like being in school again!
Today's blog by Bert Cregg about tree care charlatans is great. It includes a 9 minute video that is not to be missed!
Watch it, then ask Mike why he doesn't teach these "great" techniques in his tree care classes (answer: because he's an educated professional).


  1. I had to stop watching when he said to "feed the tree... to put more food into it"... TREES MAKE THEIR OWN FOOD! IT IS CALLED PHOTOSYNTHESIS!

    Thanks for not making people wait through the weekend for that answer, Janice. Great post to share.

    If you must Feed the Tree...

  2. Good grief! Made chills run up my spine. Thanks for sharing, Janice.