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Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Five Stages of Accomplishment

For anyone who has volunteered to do anything, there are those moments when you find yourself sitting alone in the dark, chewing your fingernails, and wondering what person it was who had used your mouth to speak through when you were volunteered for that whasis you're going to be doing all too soon.

I found a delightful little greeting card that summed up my feelings after days of burgeoning self-doubt, sleepless nights and momentary flashes of clarity that you can only do your best - as the freight-train that was my upcoming presidency came barreling toward me.

The Five Stages of Accomplishment

1 - Denial - I can't do it!

2 - Uncertainty - Maybe I can do it!

3 - Resistance - There's NO WAY I can do it!

4 - Panic - AAAAAARGH! What if I can't do it?

5 - Acceptance - All right! I did it! Let's party!

I want to thank Mike Maddox, Jenny Membrino, Julie Gibes, Barb Converse, Cindy Leverenz, and Erika Rebout for their patience, encouragement, understanding and -- well -- patience. You've all been wonderful.

Thank you to every MGV who has taken the time to call me, meet with me, e-mail me, stop me in passing for a brief chat or sometimes a hug (thanks Deb G and Mary W), aid me on the Transition Team, and who have (to my great amazement) given me their resounding support. Those unexpected moments of encouragement have been the fire that has stoked my determination to do my level best for this wonderful organization and for all of you.


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  1. MKT.

    I go through this on a daily basis.

    Too bad we can't just skip to the "let's party" part.