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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Some Research Projects

As we finalize our plans for collections at RBG in 2011, some "opportunities of potential interest" have arisen. The RPMGA has always been supportive of the gardens (much appreciated) with donations of both helping hands and appreciated funds. Final details for some of these projects are still being determined but if anyone has an interest in helping out, send me an email ( and we'll come up with a plan of attack. Most of these topics could use multiple helpers. See below for some considerations. On a side note, check out some of my recent blogs at to see details on a volunteer soup eating event, a sweet bus tour (Aug. 4), a talk on mosses (Jan. 19, our annual Spring Symposium (March 26 with a new, "Meet & Greet" event on Fri. evening) and all sort of other coming events.

* Historic Plants of the Area - We're looking to identify common landscape plants of the area from around 1850. This would include vegetables, trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals. RBG will be promoted as part of a "historic tour package" to bring groups to Janesville and we'll be developing plantings and intepretation to display and describe plants of that era. Details to be determined.
* Scented Plants - I could use some help finding and researching scented plants for our "Smelly Garden" (Children's Garden) and I'd like to develop some more involved interpretation regarding the purpose and value of scent in the garden.
* Viburnums - I'm planning on developing a "mini" viburnum collection and have a list of some rarer species and varieties. If anyone is interested in some internet research, I'd like to find sources and prices for these target plants.
* Plant Sleuths - Similar to the research approach mentioned above regarding locating viburnums, I could use some sleuths to help locate plants for me (internet research). I accumulate huge files of "plants I want" but run short on having time to track them down. This duty would depend on my running list of "potentials". Contact me and we can talk.


Mark D.

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