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Monday, August 29, 2011

Future programming changes

The relationship between Rotary Botanical Gardens (RBG) and Rock County UW-Extension (UWEX) continues to evolve and progress through the staff and programming improvements.  With clear, thoughtful communication, change can occur that will benefit both organizations and the community at large.  We are excited about the opportunities we can create as we look forward to 2012 and beyond.

We are uniquely positioned to create the Rock County area as a mecca for horticulture.  We hope to bring RBG, UWEX, Master Gardener Volunteers of the Rock Prairie Association (RPMGA), area academic institutions, businesses and clubs together for discussion on promotion and partnership opportunities.

In 2012, RBG will continue to offer the Wednesday evening lecture series and other education on-site focused on horticulture and wellness.  It is the mission of RBG to provide horticultural appreciation and education for all.  The programs will continue to be offered for novice to experienced gardeners, and for children through adults.  Rotary Botanical Gardens whole-heartedly appreciates the RPMGA because of the countless hours of volunteering you do at the Gardens and we look forward to our continued partnership through volunteer projects.

UWEX and RPMGA will initiate an effort to expand the reach of horticulture education program into the communities across the county.  This may include taking programs “on the road” through increased involvement with libraries, community centers, non-profit organizations, and farmer's markets.  Because of this change, the Thursday evening lecture series that was hosted at RBG in the past, will not continue in 2012, but be replaced with these traveling programs.

While we acknowledge some of the past challenges of partnerships, we must not dwell on those difficulties, but learn from them.  We BELIEVE in this partnership and we BELIEVE in what the power of good communication and working together can do for our communities.   We hope you will continue on this journey with us and we look forward to growing together.

Mike Maddox
Horticulture Educator
Rock Co. UW-Extension


Kelli Cameron
Executive Director
Rotary Botanical Gardens

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  1. To both of you, very well said. Looking foward to what the future brings.