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Thursday, October 6, 2011

And the Edgerton landscaping project winner is....

At the September 20 Edgerton Library Board board meeting members chose a new landscaping design created by a team of three MGVs - Glenn Erickson of Beloit, Paul Rausch of Elkhorn and Judith Staponkus also of Elkhorn.

This outcome was due to a new twist on this year's Advanced Master Gardener training course, Landscape Design. Program creator and coordinator, Rock County Horticulture Agent, Mike Maddox, gave students an exciting new experience - the use of their ideas in a real life project - the renovation of the landscape at Edgerton Public Library. The students split into teams and not only attended classes but made models, did landscape plans, wrote up plant lists, set budgets (without labor) and once complete presented their ideas to the Edgerton Library Board.

Picture 1 - Teams evaluating landscaping on front of Library.

Edgerton Library Executive Director, Sherry Machones, said the decision was not an easy one.

"The Board had a very
hard time choosing
, and it came down to two proposals, and the vote was 4-3," she said.

"They liked the streamlined and graceful qualities of the Beloit team's plan. They thought it best illustrated/complimented the building and the surrounding area. I would love help in the coming months (spring) in removing the items (plants) out there and planting and placing pavers and what we can."

Picture 2 - Model used to provide spatial visualization of one of the proposed designs.

One of the bigger items in the Beloit team's design is a French drain which will move water away from a particularly wet spot un
der a gutter. Cost makes it necessary to wait until the City's budget is finalized and funds are made available before beginning construction.

Sherry noted that the RPMGA's involvement may not yet be at an end. Because of a proposal made by Governor Scott Walker it is possible upcoming legislation could impact the project.

Picture 3 - Team working together to create the overall design.

"The Governor is now trying to push legislation to require library districts so that libraries would operate like school districts and no longer be a municipal entity," she explained. "If this passes (which it will) then we will no longer have the services of the city to perform tasks like the French drain, etc., and I will need help in formulating a new plan."

NOTE: Sherry has limited storage space and is asking that the design teams please retrieve their materials in the next couple weeks.

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