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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Janesville tree infested by EAB showed classic signs

Unless you've been living under a rock it's unlikely you will have missed the latest news as regards the emerald ash borer.

It's here - in Janesville - and as luck, or irony, or serendipity would have it, the bug first reared its shiny little head on the property of a master gardener.  Robin Anderson had been watching one of her ash trees decline and worried  that it could be the bug.  Sadly, it was.  Attached are a series of photographs (taken by UWEX Plant Health Advisor Barb Converse) showing the damage.

Although some affected trees can be treated if they are deemed saveable by professional evaluation, this tree was too badly infested and is now gone, removed by a local tree service.  Part of the tree was donated to the City of Janesville to be used as a public display on the bug and its effects.

The first three photos show the decline the tree suffered once fully infested with EAB.  Next is a shot of the "S" galleries that show how the larvae ate into the cambium, effectively cutting of the tree's ability to feed itself.  The next shot shows a closer view of the damage.  The final photo shows an area of the bark that was shaved to show the "D" shaped exit holes the bugs drilled on their way out of the tree.  Robin removed a dead borer from a hole for closer examination while the PHA team was at the house.

A second, larger tree, on the other side of the Anderson's property may be infested.  They plan to put the tree on a treatment program in an effort to save it.  Robin promised she'd keep us posted on the results.

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