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The Rock Prairie Master Gardener Association, located in Rock County, Wisconsin, is the 42nd association of the Wisconsin Master Gardener Program.

This blog is used to distribute timely information to association members regarding volunteer opportunities, MGV highlights, and other social tid bits.

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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Volunteer Opportunity - Hosta Dig at Rotary Botanical Gardens

On April 29 and 30 from 8 am to 4 pm Rotary Botanical Gardens will host a hosta sale  in conjunction with the annual Kiwanis Blackhawk Golden K Tree Sale at RBG.  Prior to the sale RBG needs volunteers to help dig and divide the plants, label and price them.
Hostas at Rotary Botanical Gardens.

DIG dates - April 18 through 22; then 25 – 28 (each day will require 6 person volunteer teams):  
18th – 1 to 3pm      
19th – 9 to 11am    
20th – 9 to 11am    
21st – 1 to 3pm
22nd  –  9 to 1pm    
25th - 1 to 3pm       
26th - 9 to 11 am
28th volunteers will set up, price tag, and organize plants.  Mark will determine prices and volunteers will tag the plants.

29th and 30th:  cashiers, loaders, yard workers.
NEEDED:  6 – 8 inch plastic pots, clean and useable.
This is an approved Continuing Education volunteer opportunity.  Participants will receive 1 Continuing Education Unit (CEU) per hour of volunteer time.  Individuals can also log their hours with RBG as a volunteer.
To volunteer contact RPMGA Advisory Committee member Bev Drew by phone at 290-3666 or by email at - or contact Mark Dwyer by phone at 754-1779 or by email at with concerns and volunteer signup.  Bev and Mark will work together to organize teams.

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