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Sunday, March 27, 2016

We need your opinion - donation of Adirondack chairs to Rotary Botanical Gardens

For years members of the Rock Prairie Master Gardener Association (RPMGA) have given of their time and expertise to help move the mission of Rotary Botanical Garden (RBG) forward.

At a recent meeting of the RPMGA Advisory Committee, the idea of funding a memorial at RBG was raised. We began to explore ideas on ways to honor the service of all master gardener volunteers, past and future, who have worked at the gardens to help make them a treasure and resource for the community, and, of course, to help support the gardens. We’re considering purchasing a pair of  memorial Adirondack chairs, complete with dedication plaques.

The chairs would be placed in a location that needs seating to encourage people to linger and enjoy the gardens. They are made of painted wood. They would be secured in place so they can’t be moved casually.  The RBG Grumpies would bring them in for storage every winter and keep them maintained. A small plaque on each chair would recognize the work and the dedication of the RPMGA master gardeners.

The cost for two chairs is $500.  Since that’s not exactly chicken feed, we thought we’d ask what you think. If you’d like to weigh in on this, please contact Bev Drew before April 10:   608-920-3666 or

1 comment:

  1. I think a plant support, like an arbor or elaborate upright would be more appropriate donation for plant supporters like ourselves. I still don't sit down much, and those kind of chairs are comfy but hard to get out of if you are a little stiff or awkward in your movements.