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Friday, October 29, 2010

2011 Advanced Training: Flowers and Landscapes

I'm in the planning stages of the 2011 advanced training in flowers and landscapes for the Rock Prairie Association.  I'd want to know what you'd like as part of that training.  Subject covered? Field trips? Hands-on workshops?

I want to increase the interactivity of members during this training.  One means of doing that is to have a small portion of the program take place on line.  I'm trialing this blog as the educational tool I can use for that purpose.

Your first assignment: sign in above and COMMENT to this post with your thoughts about upcoming training.

Good luck!  If you have questions or need help, we can make arrangements for a quick one on one tutorial.

NOTE: When signing in and making a profile, please use a name that will allow us to recognize who you are. Add an image of yourself, too. If you encounter trouble, e-mail Mike!

If it makes you feel better, I'm fumbling with this process, too.  I've determined that if you want to post, you must first send me an e-mail.  I will then use that to authorize your access to the blog.  You'll get a confirmation/invitation via e-mail once I set you up.  


  1. Here I am. Wish I could attend but if it's on Tuesday again this year - work conflict.

  2. @MKT: What would you like to see as part of advanced training?

    I really want to do a field trip. Any preferences on where to go?

    And my hope is with an on-line portion, we can have the opportunity for employed individuals to participate with minimal classroom time.

  3. That sounds great. Because of my involvement in PHA I'd really like to see a field trip to a large, well landscaped facility within decent driving range (that's not a golf pun - LOL) that has a IPM program where we could meet with landscaping managers and technicians, watch their methods, see how they schedule and integrate the different facets of their program. I'd like to see the nitty gritty of IPM on the ground, so to speak.

  4. Oh - and as for an online portion - I know I'd find that very helpful.

  5. I think it would be fun to visit class members gardens that they have worked on or maybe need to work on.....early afternoon classes would be awesome!

  6. I've spent part of the day combing the internet for new on-line sources of information that pertain to landscape design principles. There are some really cool publications out there that address ideas I've not even considered! *excited*

  7. I would like to see a field trip to Wirkus Nursery. I do not know if they offer formal tours, but it is always interesting to get a behind the scenes view of the plants we all know and love.

  8. I would like to build a handy guide to flowers/plant material that grows well in this area. I know that there are lots of resources out there, but I'd like to have a personalized one so I can be more effective with PHA questions/recommendations.

  9. Somehow I'd like to develop the skill to observe a project site for assessment of soil moisture retention and drainage,light,wind. and pollution problems. How can a landscape redeem a "problem" area? What are the horticultural problems encountered in urban renewal? Field trip to big city with such a project would be interesting.

  10. Hi! I would be interested in basic landscape and design elements, as well as trouble-shooting existing gardens and yards. I do what I like on my own property and think it could be better. And, learning selection of plants (of all kinds) for our zone that would create better year-round interest would be a plus. A field trip to any botanical garden would be nice, esp. if there is a tour guide that can discuss the basic steps of the garden's design. A professional landscaper as a guest speaker would be interesting.

    Cindy Leverenz